Earthdawn 3rd Edition - The Lost Treasures of the Codex Vol. II - Sirriens Bow of Precision

The Lost Treasures of the Codex Vol. II

Yes I am still here blogging about Earthdawn!!

Some time ago the first part of the series “The Lost Treasures of the Codex” was released concerning a place called ‘The Spire of Thaumaturgy’. There you’ll also find an explanation what the ‘Lost Treasures of the Codex’-Series is about. Please keep in mind that the series is based on Earthdawn 3rd Edition rules! And again: you'll find a PDF-file at the bottom of the article.

Well then, the second part of the series presents you a magical item called ‘Sirrien’s Bow of Precision’. The item description comes from Joeri Winkeler and the color images were kindly created and provided by Johannes Bech.

Sirrien's Bow of Precision

Maximum Threads: 2

Spell Defence: 14

Item description

Made primarily out of the same three wood combinations normal Elven Warbows are made from, the pieces of wood themselves create the symbols for True Air and True Fire in Sperethiel. Also in Sperethiel are the runes for Sirrien’s and Sarlindel’s names, inlaid with turquoise near the top.

Sirriens Bow of Precision

Earthdawn: Interactive map of Barsaive

News from the French Earthdawn community!

Marzhin created an interactive map of Barsaive that is based on the Atlas of Barsaive by Telarus KSC.

Various locations and point of interest are marked on the map. The register on the left includes all the Cities, Villages, Landmarks and so on of the map and can be searched. GREAT WORK!

Interactive map of Barsaive


You really should have a look at the Earthdawn section of too.

RPG background music various sources

If you're a gamemaster who wants to add atmosphere to the game by using music, be it background music or effects, you might be searching your media library or the web without finding the 'right one'.

This topic came up already several times on the blog, be it the Free nature sounds or the article about the music of 'Erdenstern'.

The problem with this kind of music is that it often doesn't fit the situation or the selection is simply too short to enrich your game. So the more resources you take into account, the higher is the chance that you got a fitting song or effect in your repertoire.

So recently I stumbled up two links that seem very promising if you're looking for RPG background music:

Tabletop Audio

Tabletop Audio Logo

The page Tabletop Audio offers a very good selection of atmospheric and ambience music especially designed for RPGs. The various categories make it easy to make a good selection for your next session if you for example plan to play in a 'River Town' or play on a 'Volcano' scene.

There are of course major categories to distinguish between Fantasy-, Sci-Fi- or Horror-themed music.

Spotify playlist


The next link, that you should have a look at, is the Dungeons and Dragons Tabletop Spotify playlist that was set up by kingslayer133. The selection features about 500 songs that sound a little bit more medieval and as the title of the playlist says, seems to be a good fit for D&D gamemasters.

via lifehacker

Earthdawn creature: Manra's Dismal Beetle

Short notice:

The Working Class GM offers a little creature on his blog that he made for his Earthdawn campaign. He was so kind to give me permission to share the Manra's Dismal Beetle PDF over here on the blog too.


Earthdawn 3rd Edition - Lost Treasures of the Codex Vol. I - The Spire of Thaumaturgy

What are the 'Lost Treasures of the Codex'?

The 'Lost Treasures of the Codex' is a series of articles on the Earthdawn Blog which will present you source material for Earthdawn 3rd Edition.

The series is called the 'Lost Treasures of the Codex' because the source material was originally part of a submission for the 'Earthdawn Codex' Open Call from RedBrick back in 2007. But it is a shame that this material was never published as the Earthdawn Codex project wasn't realized. That's also a reason why the original author Joeri decided to provide the material to publish it step by step on the Earthdawn Blog.

The series will cover various descriptions of interesting places, new magical weapons, creatures, Earthdawn legends, disciplines and much more, to use in your game.

There will be several volumes of the Lost Treasures. I am revising the original files and texts to create articles and PDFs for Earthdawn fans to use it in their game. The original author Joeri 'Cpt. Cutlass' Winkeler and I thought this would be much better than having the files "rotting on his HDD".

Please keep in mind that the documents are based on Earthdawn 3rd Edition rules! You'll find the PDF-file at the bottom of the article. The PDF will of course be added to the 'Downloads Section' too.

So where to start? Ah of course:

Lost Treasure of the Codex Vol. I

This location is created for adventurers visiting Haven, the corner of Parlainth held and protected by Namegivers. Although it is meant for Havenites, you, as a GM may wish to use them elsewhere. Places like this should be available all over Barsaive where civilization is found. Some simple adjustment in Names and Gamemaster Characters will do the trick.

The Spire of Thaumaturgy

This relative newly erected building lies just outside of Haven bordering the dark, lush jungles surrounding Parlainth. The Spire was build due to popular demand several years after the founding of Haven. The building is a large, squat dome with a broad, spiraling tower in the middle. The tower extends some 12 feet in the air and is topped off with several smaller spires laid out in a haphazardly fashion. Surrounding the building is a 2 feet thick, 5 feet tall wall, completely covered with runes and protective wards. Inside the wall several small herbal gardens seem to flourish unchecked and present and array of exotic flowers and smells.

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